Beautifully Designed Board Books

My career in children's art began with my first full-time design job as an in-house designer for Simon & Schuster with their children's department, Little Simon. I designed book covers and interiors for many children's book formats including my first book which was published in 2015, A B See

Board books are a chunky format made up of thick paper or chip board to hold up against chewing and rough play. The books are typically smaller in size and usually range from 6 to10 spreads. A spread is the pair of facing pages, or the two pages you see together when the book is open. Covers are usually graphic with a large title at the top, a burst with supporting text, and the author/illustrator credits. The interiors have minimal text for the 0-2 age group and are generally minimalistic to keep baby's focus.

Here is a collection of expertly designed, illustrated, and produced board books.