Butterflies Visual Reference Guide | Free Page Included

After reviewing the recent runway shows and seeing butterflies as a trending icon, I decided to round up my books, scans, and ephemera to curate a visual reference guide containing over 200 beautiful images of butterflies. I've created a 25-page pdf filled with a variety of detailed and colorful butterfly illustrations sourced from the public domain so you can use all of the images included for reference freely for personal and commercial work. I love working with reference images in the public domain because I can draw detailed representations or work loosely without having to worry about copyright restrictions. 

I often am illustrating butterflies for client work and see the winged beauties depicted on all sorts of products when I'm shopping online or in stores. I've put together a case study of a recent wall art project where I used images in this guide as reference. 

Keep scrolling after the case study for a free page from the reference guide!

Case Study

I first started in my sketchbook, drawing loosely some decorative and colorful butterflies. Then I photographed my sketches and opened them in Procreate on my iPad Pro. You can see my process videos below.

The final pieces of art:

Below is a free page below so you can see the level of detail and variety included in the 25-page PDF. I'm excited to see what you create!



Full Guide

Butterflies | Visual Reference Guide | PDF

This visual reference guide contains over 200 butterfly images perfect for illustrators, designers, artists, and creatives to use for client and personal projects. Cut down your research time as this pictorial encyclopedia showcases butterfly wing patterns, full-color illustrations, black and white diagrams, ephemera, and vintage butterfly patterns sourced from my personal collection in the public domain.


  • Downloadable 25-page PDF you can print or view on your devices

  • 200+ hand-picked illustrations in full color and black and white

  • A comprehensive collection that will have you creating instead of scrolling through repetitive images online.

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More Resources

Trend Report for Designers, Illustrators, and Commercial Artists. Free Page Included!

Staying on trend is a must if you're illustrating and designing work for commercial clients. I spend a few nights a week researching trending topics and what will be the next big theme. I've purchased trend reports in the past, but started making my own when I realized I still had to do hours and hours of additional research to fulfill what I need as an illustrator/designer. Wistful moods and macro trends with generalized themes were just not cutting it. I needed more—which animals, pattern styles, typography, etc were going to be popular. I've started making my own trend reports to help solve this not only for myself, but for the greater commercial art & design community.

The Trend + Icon Report focuses on specific themes and provides a list of concrete imagery so you can sit down and start working on your next creative project without having to spend your time on research. It's a PDF format which means you can view it on your devices. I have the report open on my iPad Pro while I'm illustrating which has been amazingly convenient (I love the double-window view on the iPad Pro!).


Here is a free page from my newest report. Feel free to share!


Trend + Icon Report | AW 19/20 | PDF

The first trend report for illustrators, designers, and artists that focuses on trending icons.

This trend and icon report gives concrete imagery and themes for the AW 19/20 consumer season with chances of some icons and colors lasting up to 5 years. It includes 26 stories covering florals, pattern variety, folk art themes, icons, colors, and more. Print out the PDF for your workspace or view it on your devices for on-the-go access.

Fashion directly affects consumer trends but I rarely see my design and illustration colleagues capitalizing on this knowledge. I identify and give examples of trending icons from the 2018 runway shows that will influence consumer trends in the AW 19/20 season. I have extensively researched trends over the past 5 years for my design and illustration career. In that time I have used my trend research to create, license, and sell illustrations, greeting cards, surface patterns, children’s books, wall art, party supplies, and more to top brands around the world. I have also consulted companies on upcoming trends giving them a heads-up in the consumer market.


  • Downloadable 31-page PDF you can print or view on your devices

  • 26 Trend Stories

  • Descriptive labels of each trend

  • 150+ hand-picked images

  • Covers the 2018 Runway shows which will determine trends for the AW 19/20 consumer season and beyond

Beautifully Designed Board Books

My career in children's art began with my first full-time design job as an in-house designer for Simon & Schuster with their children's department, Little Simon. I designed book covers and interiors for many children's book formats including my first book which was published in 2015, A B See

Board books are a chunky format made up of thick paper or chip board to hold up against chewing and rough play. The books are typically smaller in size and usually range from 6 to10 spreads. A spread is the pair of facing pages, or the two pages you see together when the book is open. Covers are usually graphic with a large title at the top, a burst with supporting text, and the author/illustrator credits. The interiors have minimal text for the 0-2 age group and are generally minimalistic to keep baby's focus.

Here is a collection of expertly designed, illustrated, and produced board books.